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Schwitzer Contracting specialises in producing high quality mini bales of wrapped silage, haylage or hay so that Waikato small-holders can convert surplus grass into high-quality forage, stored for when its needed or sold to generate income. 

Wrapped mini bales are ideal for life-style blocks because they -

  • preserve nutrients
  • are easier to handle
  • can be stored outside, and
  • give you the flexibility to sell all, or just a portion, of your crop.

We strive to produce the highest quality forage from your crop of grass, taking care to bale it in the best possible condition. For example, we add a special innoculant to help with the fermentation process. Unfortunately we can't control the weather, but we'll do our best to ensure that your grass is baled at the optimum time for producing a first class animal feed.

We encourage our customers to contact us early in the season (September or October) so that we can book your crop into our haymaking schedule.

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