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  • We Buy Woodlots
    We Buy Woodlots Ask us for a free valuation of your woodlot
  • Controlled Felling
    Controlled Felling minimises structural damage to your trees
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    No Roads Required we take our equipment to where its needed

Schwitzer Contracting Woodlots

Woodlot Management

Schwitzer Contracting is expert in helping landowners manage their wood lots and shelter belt trees.

Our services include

  • high-topping
  • tree and vegetation clearance
  • mulching
  • stump grinding and
  • harvesting for sale

We'll not only harvest the trees for you, but we can use our close association with a major international timber company to help you get them to market. Contact us now to arrange for us to visit, and (if appropriate) give you a free valuation of your timber.

High Topping

Schwitzer Contracting has a high tree topping attachment that allows us to cut through trunks up to 700mm diameter, as high as 7m above ground .... all the while retaining full control of the tree, until it safely touches the ground.

This is a very efficient method for shelter belt removal or management. The cut shelter belt trees are laid out neatly, ready for the next step - whether shipment off site, or de-limbing ready for firewood production.

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